Tibetan singing bowls

How to play Tibetan singing bowls?

Tibetan singing bowls are played by striking the rim of the bowl with a mallet or by using a circular motion around the rim to create a sustained vibrational sound. Here are some steps to follow to play a Tibetan singing bowl:

  1. Hold the bowl in your dominant hand and place it on your palm, or on a cushion or pad.

  2. Hold the mallet in your other hand, with the handle resting on the pads of your fingers and the head of the mallet facing down.

  3. Strike the rim of the bowl with the mallet to create a single, clear tone. Experiment with different amounts of force to create different tones.

  4. To create a sustained sound, run the mallet around the rim of the bowl in a circular motion. This creates a circular vibration that produces a long, sustained tone.

  5. Experiment with different hand movements and speeds to create different tones and effects. You can also try striking the bowl in different places to create different tones.

  6. Use your voice to hum or sing along with the bowl to create a harmonious sound.

The singing bowl has been used for hundreds of years in various cultures as an instrument to create soothing sounds. It is believed that this instrument can heal the mind and body by inducing relaxation, meditation and healing.

The Tibetan singing bowls are made from different metals like bronze or iron which creates a unique sound when played with the padded mallet.

In order to play the Tibetan singing bowls one must use their thumb and first two fingers to hold it steady while they hit it with the padded mallet in a circular motion.

The sound of the Tibetan singing bowl can be used as an effective way to help people relax, meditate or heal themselves by inducing relaxation, meditation and healing.

Rubbing a Tibetan Singing Bowls

A singing bowl can be played by rubbing wooden or a leather covered mallet can be used. Place the bowl on your flat palm and move the mallet slowly in a clockwise direction. If the bowl is too large or heavy you can place it on a table or cushion. Use the movement of the elbow and shoulder to move the mallet around the outside mouth of the bowl, keeping the whole mallet in constant contact with the bowl. If you begin to create a rattling sound, this is not desirable, slow down.

Striking a bowl

A singing bowl can be played by rubbing or striking it. If striking it, sit in a relaxed position with your back straight, on a chair or cushion on the floor. If right handed, hold the bowl on the palm of the left hand at the level of your heart. Keep the hand that is holding the bowl flat. Take a deep breath and think only of your breathing as you begin to play. Strike the bowl with an upward stroke.

Rimming with a Padded Mallet

Basically, there are three types of mallets used for rubbing singing bowls, they are wooden mallet in different designs, mallet with leather padded and drumsticks.

It's important to note that the sound produced by a Tibetan singing bowl can vary depending on the size, thickness, and material of the bowl. With practice, you can learn to play the bowl in a way that creates a soothing and meditative sound.

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