Singing Bowls

What is Singing Bowls?

Tibetan singing bowls are hand-hammered copper bowls which produce a deep and resonant sound. They are used in Tibetan Buddhism as a tool for meditation. They are made from metal and have a wide rim that is struck with the edge of a mallet to produce a sound. The sound of the singing bowl is believed to have healing properties.

A Tibetan singing bowl is a type of bell that vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played with wooden mallet or Drumsticks.

The singing bowl is made from seven metals representing different planetary influences:

* Gold = the sun
* Silver = the moon
* Mercury = Mercury
* Copper = Venus
* Iron = Mars
* Tin = Jupiter
* Lead = Saturn

We will explain some types of singing bowls, such as Zen Singing Bowls, Full Moon Singing Bowls, Chakra Singing bowls etc. 

Zen bowls are known as the best Tibetan singing bowl on Earth. Utilizing antiquated mystery customs, the best virgin metals, and present day science to figure what is known as "the ideal singing bowl". The Zen Singing Bowl's interesting custom creation measure has been designed to make the most exact singing dishes accessible on the planet and surprisingly better than antique singing dishes. Every one of our dishes is painstakingly planned and afterward hand made by the most gifted metal craftsman. Our severe quality control measure protects the best expectations in each progression of creation. Our three particular series including Therapeutic, Bio Concert, and Master Meditation safeguard there is a zen bowl for each utilization.

The full moon bowl is of high quality and astrologically made from pure metals. The idea of full moon singing bowl is discovered in recent times by Santa Ratna Shakya, Singing Bowl sound therapist, Expert.

Full moon singing bowl is used in meditation for healing and relaxation sound therapy. This singing bowl is made on a full moon evening of each month to enhance the direct moon light and energy for healing vibration to the singing bowl. This singing bowl is carefully chosen for maximizing the benefit of healing purpose while playing it.

The Seven Chakra bowl have the following Notes and Chakras and positions:

1. First Chakra: The Root or Base Chakra-Situated at the base of the spine. Its color is Red and its note is C and C#.

2. Second Chakra: Sacral Chakra- Situated at the lower abdomen and approx. two inches from the belly bottom. Its color is orange, and the musical note is D and D#.

3. Third Chakra: Solar Plexus- Situated at the base of Rib Cage. Yellow is the shade of the Solar Plexus Chakra and the musical note is E.

4. Fourth Chakra: The Heart- Situated at the center of the chest around the area of Heart. Green is the shade of the heart chakra and the musical note is F or F#. In some cases the heart chakra is revealed as pink, specifically for relationships and sending love from ones heart.

5. Fifth Chakra: The Throat- Situated at the base of the neck in the throat. Lighter blue is the color of the throat chakra, and the note for it is G and G#.

6. Sixth Chakra: The Third Eye- Situated in the middle of the forehead linking the eyebrows. Darker blue is their color, and their notes are A and A#.

7. Seventh Chakra- The Crown-Situated at the top of the head or crown area. Violet is the shade of the crown chakra, and the musical note is B.

Singing bowls 

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