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12mm Bodhi Seeds Mala, Buddhist Prayer Mala, Meditation Mala, Phoenix Eye Mala

12mm Bodhi Seeds Mala, Buddhist Prayer Mala, Meditation Mala, Phoenix Eye Mala

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Are you seeking a profound tool to deepen your meditation practice? Look no further than the 12mm Bodhi Seeds Mala - a powerful Buddhist prayer mala that is meticulously handcrafted to perfection. Made from premium quality Bodhi seeds, this mala is designed to help you achieve a heightened state of focus and awareness during your meditation sessions.

One of the standout features of this exquisite mala is the mesmerizing Phoenix Eye beads that are interspersed throughout the mala. These beads are known for their unique pattern resembling the mythical bird's eye and are believed to have protective and auspicious properties in Buddhism. They are believed to bring good fortune, clarity of mind, and a sense of renewal.

With its generous 12mm size, this mala is not only visually stunning but also substantial in weight, providing a tangible and grounding sensation during your meditation practice. The natural texture of the Bodhi seeds adds a tactile element to your meditation, helping you stay focused and present.

This Bodhi Seeds Mala is not only a powerful tool for meditation, but also a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry that you can wear as a reminder of your spiritual journey. The neutral and earthy tones of the Bodhi seeds make it a versatile accessory that can complement any outfit or style.

In Buddhism, the Bodhi Seed Mala is a revered object of spiritual significance, representing the path towards enlightenment. This mala, also known as a prayer bead necklace, is used as a tool for counting mantras and as a physical reminder of one's intention to achieve enlightenment. The Bodhi seeds, made from the sacred Bodhi tree, are strung together to form the mala and serve as a symbol of the Buddhist journey towards enlightenment.

These Bodhi seeds are phoenix-eyed. Phoenix-eye beads are becoming exceptionally rare and expensive since many of the Nepalese groves 

Material: Bodhi seeds 
No. of Beads: 108 
Size of Beads: 12mm beads Approx.
Bodhi seed guru-bead
Tip of guru bead to end 20.5"

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