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Chenrezig Himalayan Incense Sticks

Chenrezig Himalayan Incense Sticks

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Immerse yourself in the divine energy of our Chenrezig Himalayan Incense Sticks. Inspired by the compassionate bodhisattva Chenrezig, these incense sticks carry the essence of boundless love and compassion. Let the enchanting fragrance transport you to a realm of pure heart-centeredness, awakening your own capacity for compassion and kindness.

Experience the transformative power of Chenrezig's presence as it fills your space. The carefully selected blend of aromatic ingredients used to create these incense sticks resonates with the essence of Chenrezig, radiating love and compassion in every breath. Allow the gentle fragrance to open your heart, fostering a deep connection with yourself and all sentient beings.

Size: 7.5 inches each stick (approx.)
Weight: 145 grams (approx.)
Contain: 25 pcs Incense Stick

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