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Copper Serkym Set, Hand Carved Tibetan Buddhist Serkyem Copper Set 5"

Copper Serkym Set, Hand Carved Tibetan Buddhist Serkyem Copper Set 5"

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Elevate your Buddhist practice with this beautifully hand-carved Copper Serkym Set. Serkym is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist offering of tea, symbolizing the offering of the three nectars of the body, speech, and mind. This set is meticulously crafted from high-quality copper, giving it a stunning shine and intricate design that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Tibetan Buddhism.

Each set comes with two cups - one smaller and one larger - that are expertly crafted with a beautiful carved design. The smaller cup is designed to be placed on top of the larger cup, creating a beautiful and meaningful offering vessel that is both functional and ornamental.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or just starting out, this Copper Serkym Set is a wonderful addition to any Buddhist practice. It can be used for personal meditation or for offerings to a shrine or altar, adding a touch of elegance and spirituality to your daily practice.

Invest in your spiritual practice today with this exquisite Copper Serkym Set. Its beautiful design and practical functionality make it the perfect addition to any Buddhist practitioner's collection. Experience the transformative power of making offerings and cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude, respect, and devotion in your daily life.

Serkym  also known as golden drink, used in offerings or ritual offerings made to protector deities and guardians in some Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies. In other words,  Buddhist Serkym set spiritually used for offering tea or alcohol during rituals and offering on the Alter.  It is comprised of two pieces: a larger dish-shaped bowl with a raised base and a tall raised offering bowl. The latter is placed in an upright position in the larger dish when the offering is being made.

Serkym sets are traditionally made of copper or brass, or even silver or gold. This Serkym is made by copper and traditional polished trimmed bass.

Best Quality, Hand made, Hand Carved

Serkym set - chalice and basin
Material: Copper and Brass Trim
Size: 5" height 5.5 diameter
Weight: 300 grams approx.

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