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Fully Gold Plated Tibetan Buddhist Namgyal/Namgyalma statue, 9"

Fully Gold Plated Tibetan Buddhist Namgyal/Namgyalma statue, 9"

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Namgyal is a female Bodhisattva with three appearances and eight arms and one of the three reverend gods of life span. Namgyal bodhisattva is also known as Namgyalma. Namgyalma the triumphant hair or delegated mother Buddha. Her center face and eight arms are white, representing the disposal of fiascos. There is an eye on each side of her brow and a coronal is winding around her painted on her crown. As needed by the sutra of estimations for the development of sculptures, this mother Buddha ought to be formed as a lady of 16 years of age. A big part of hair ought to be interlaced with the leftover hair hanging down and the tip being longer than her elbows. Her face ought to take after sesame and her eyes red lotus petals. The yellow face on the left side represents advantage and life span and the blue face on the right side represents the loss of fallen angels.

The mother Buddha is holding a Dorje from one perspective of her primary arm and rope then again. While the palm of her third hand is confronting the front to delight people groups wishes. On the left side, her direct is holding up, while her second hand is getting a handle on a bow and her third hand is holding an Amrita-Kalash with a blossom in sprout. As per the Buddhist sacred writings, the supporters who rehearses Buddhism should respect the triumphant hair Crowned Mother Buddha as a female Bodhisattva who frees of tragedies and catastrophes. Rehearsing her dharma can assist with extending their range of life, increment their satisfaction and insight, take out their transgressions and safeguard them from fiendish sign.

Material: Copper with Gold Plated

Face: Gold Painted

Making Process: Lost-Wax System, Making a statue is the work of various specialist craftsmen in: wax casting, metal casting, engraving and eventually 24k gold gilding and / or stone setting.

Each of these steps must be performed with excellence to produce statues of the highest quality. The lost wax method is the oldest and most refined method used by sculptors in Nepal. 

Protecting the Face
As the face is painted it is highly recommended that the face of the statue is to be greatly taken care of as it requires a very professional and skilled face artist to repair the face of dirt and damages. Commonly to protect it from damage the statue with painted face is placed under a glass box and it is always covered with a cotton face mask if it has to be moved

All our statues are handmade. Each piece is unique and it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same. Slight differences may therefore appear in the shapes, proportions, colors and  materials used in our descriptions and specification sheets.

Weight: 2 kg 4.40 lbs
Size: 9"

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