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Antiqued Copper Shakyamuni Buddha Statue in double Lotus, 11"

Antiqued Copper Shakyamuni Buddha Statue in double Lotus, 11"

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Antiqued Copper Shakyamuni Buddha Statue - A Beautiful and Meaningful Addition to Your Home

Introducing our Antiqued Copper Shakyamuni Buddha Statue, a stunning piece of art that exudes peace, serenity, and wisdom. This beautifully crafted statue is made from high-quality copper and showcases the iconic double lotus base that represents purity and enlightenment.

This is beautiful hand carved 11 Inch Copper Shakyamuni Buddha Statue in Double Lotus. This Statue weighs 2.97 kg. Shakyamuni Buddha / Tomba is the Buddha of our time. He is the glorious root teacher of all the diverse lineages that make up Buddhism as we know it. Born Siddhartha Gautama more than 2500 years ago, he was the crown prince of the Shakya kingdom located in the Himalayan foothills of what is now southern Nepal. He left luxurious palace life behind him, however, in pursuit of the truth of the origin of suffering and the cessation of fear. His astounding courage, determination, wisdom and compassion led to his perfect enlightenment despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. His teachings have transformed individuals and nations throughout the world and still speak to us today.

Shakyamuni Buddha, also known as Gautama Buddha, is the founder of Buddhism and is revered as a symbol of peace, compassion, and spiritual enlightenment. This statue depicts him in a seated position, with his hands in the Bhumisparsha Mudra, or the Earth-Touching gesture, which represents his moment of enlightenment.

The Antiqued Copper finish on this statue adds to its beauty and gives it an aged, vintage look that complements any decor style. The statue stands at 11 inches tall, making it a substantial and impressive piece that can be displayed prominently in your home or meditation space.

This Antiqued Copper Shakyamuni Buddha Statue is not only a beautiful decoration but also a powerful tool for meditation and spiritual practice. Displaying this statue in your home can serve as a reminder of the values and principles that Buddhism represents, such as peace, compassion, and mindfulness.

Whether you are a Buddhist practitioner or simply appreciate the beauty and meaning behind this statue, the Antiqued Copper Shakyamuni Buddha Statue in double Lotus is sure to bring a sense of tranquility and harmony to your home. Order now and add this stunning piece of art to your collection.


This statue is a charming portrayal of Shakyamuni Buddha. Finely sculpted from copper alloy using the lost wax method, the statue has been submitted to an oxidation process to yield a rich and sensuous finish and has fine intricate hand carvings. The Buddha sits gracefully in meditation upon a lotus throne, expressing the calm majesty of one who has mastered himself. With his head slightly inclined, he seems to smile with a secret inner joy, prompting feelings of encouragement and happiness in the observer. And over all, the lovely copper finish lends a pleasing sense of warmth, gently inviting one to linger, leaving thoughts of the world behind.

All our statues are handmade. Each piece is unique and it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same. Slight differences may therefore appear in the shapes, proportions, colors and materials used in our descriptions and specification sheets.

Material: Copper 

Weight: 2.97 kg  
Size: 11"H X 9"L X 5"D

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