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Beautiful Newari Handcrafted Wooden Eye Window, San Jhya, Aakhi jhyal

Beautiful Newari Handcrafted Wooden Eye Window, San Jhya, Aakhi jhyal

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Introducing the stunning Newari Handcrafted Wooden Eye Window, beautiful handcrafted Wooden Eye Window  also known as Ankhi Jhyal or San Jhya in Newari made up of two words, 'Ankhi' meaning eye and 'Jhyal' meaning window. It consists of several small eye windows at center and two dragons at both side. This exquisite piece of craftsmanship is perfect for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of any room or space.

Made with high-quality wood and crafted by skilled artisans, this eye window is a unique representation of the Newari culture of Nepal. The intricate carvings and attention to detail make it a true work of art.

Apart from its decorative features, the Wooden Eye Window also has a deeper cultural and spiritual significance. In Nepalese culture, these windows are believed to ward off evil spirits and protect the home and its occupants.

This piece can also serve as a focal point for meditation and spiritual practices. Its intricate design and symbolism can help to create a serene and calming environment, making it an excellent addition to any meditation or yoga room.

The Wooden Eye Window is a perfect gift for anyone interested in spirituality, culture, and art. It's a unique and meaningful way to add a touch of elegance to any space while also connecting with the rich cultural heritage of Nepal.

Don't miss the chance to bring the beauty and spirituality of the Newari culture into your home. Order your Handcrafted Wooden Eye Window today and experience its enchanting allure for yourself.

This window is one of the most precious artworks of Nepal and most popular in traditional Newari artworks.

Material:  High Quality Wood
Pattern: Hand Work
Style: Traditional

Design:     Window style 
Weight:    8.5 kg
Size:            19" H X 40" X 3.5" W
Origin:       Hand carved  in Nepal

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