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Bodhisattva Padmapani Lokeshwor Statue and Five Dhyani Buddhas

Bodhisattva Padmapani Lokeshwor Statue and Five Dhyani Buddhas

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This is a magnificent piece of art of Lokeshwor sculpted by one our most proficient woodcarvers which has been colored beautifully giving it a Tibetan look. The Lokeshwor is surrounded by the 5 dhyani Buddhas; Aksobhya, Amitabha, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasaṃbhava and Vairocana.

He is also referred as a Padmapani (holder of lotus). The famous Buddhist myth says that " Lokesvara has vowed to never rest until he has helped and freed all the sentient beings in the world from samsara (the indefinitely repeated cycles of birth, misery and death caused by karma)".

This can be a exquisite piece of décor for your room enhancing the ambience of your room.

All our statues are handmade. Each piece is unique and it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same. Slight differences may therefore appear in the shapes, proportions, colors and materials used in our descriptions and specification sheets.

Weight: 520 gm
Material: Wood
Size: 10in H X 6.29in B X 2.7in W (25cm X 16cm X 7cm)

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