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Eight Auspicious Symbols Round Shaped Copper Incense Burner

Eight Auspicious Symbols Round Shaped Copper Incense Burner

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Introducing our Round Shaped Copper Incense Burner with Eight Auspicious Symbols, a captivating and meaningful piece that combines elegance with spiritual symbolism. This meticulously crafted incense burner is made from high-quality copper and features a round shape adorned with the Eight Auspicious Symbols.

The incense burner showcases a perfect circular design, symbolizing unity, wholeness, and harmony. The copper material adds a touch of warmth and authenticity, while the intricate engravings of the Eight Auspicious Symbols bring forth their auspicious meanings and energies.

The Eight Auspicious Symbols, deeply rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, represent different aspects of spiritual wisdom and good fortune. These symbols include the endless knot, the lotus flower, the golden fish, the parasol, the conch shell, the victory banner, the dharma wheel, and the treasure vase. Each symbol carries its own significance and blessings, providing a visual reminder of the path towards enlightenment and inner peace.

This round-shaped copper incense burner is not only a functional piece for burning incense but also a visually appealing and spiritually enriching addition to your sacred space. As the incense gently burns, let the fragrance and smoke fill the air, creating a serene ambiance that encourages mindfulness and reflection.

Whether you are a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism or simply appreciate the beauty and symbolism of the Eight Auspicious Symbols, this incense burner is a perfect choice. It can serve as a centerpiece for your meditation altar, a decorative item for your home, or a meaningful gift for someone on a spiritual journey.

Embrace the serenity and symbolism of the Eight Auspicious Symbols with our Round Shaped Copper Incense Burner. Order now and infuse your space with tranquility, positive energy, and a deeper connection to the spiritual realms.

This is handmade  8 auspicious symbols copper incense with cover on top. It can be used as incense burner or perfume burner is a vessel made for burning incense or perfume in some solid form.  The powder incense can be used to burn on it. These incense burner may vary slightly in size, form due to the handmade and have been in use since ancient times in many cultures, in both secular and religious contexts. At the top, vajra style of handle to open the cover. The petal designs on the base and can be kept in table top or altar.

There are three holes inside to hold the incense. The tribal shaped amazing detail with lid which has a open space to release smoke.

8 auspicious symbols represent good fortune in Tibetan Buddhist rituals items.

Size: 7" Height and 5.5" diameter
Weight 1.5 kg
Material: Copper

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