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Golden Nag Champa Flora Incense Sticks

Golden Nag Champa Flora Incense Sticks

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By name Golden Nagchampa, it is one of the most popular flora incense. Significance of Burning Incense for many years the consuming of incense has been well known across different societies and religions of the globe. Disentangling the historical backdrop of otherworldly and mending customs of this hallowed practice uncovers the significance of incense to advance care harmony inward mindfulness and a significant association with the universe. Today the mending benefits that consuming incense gives to the mind and in general substantial wellbeing is a mainstream theme in elective medication.

These Golden Nag Champa Flora Incense Sticks are pure handmade and natural scent (no any fragrance used). The package contains 15 pieces of 8" incense stick.

Weight: 30 grams
Size: 23x10 cm
Material: Champa

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