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Green Tara Incense in brocade pack

Green Tara Incense in brocade pack

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The Green Tara Incense boasts a noteworthy composition of six preeminent non-toxic ingredients, along with various natural and fragrant substances, including the likes of white sandal and Myristica fragrance, that offer protective and purifying benefits to the physical organs and activate the innate energies. The incense has a distinctive ability to cleanse the chakras and channels, all while promoting the much-needed balance of the mind, thus fostering a conducive environment for spiritual development and meditation practices. It is worth noting that this incense is crafted from pure natural substances, which is further attested by its natural color, and it is entirely devoid of any synthetic substances or perfumes.

This incense cover is made from Himalaya natural paper and includes 25-30 incense sticks in one pack.

Size: 8"
Weight: 105 grams approx.
Each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes

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