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Himalayan Juniper Incense in brocade pack

Himalayan Juniper Incense in brocade pack

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This particular incense, the Himalayan Juniper Incense, boasts an impressive composition of six exceptional non-toxic ingredients and features a delightful array of natural scents, including the likes of white and other natural fragrances. Not only does it offer protection and purification to our physical organs, but it also invigorates our energy levels, cleanses our chakras and channels, and importantly, promotes a balanced mind conducive to meditation and spiritual growth.

Crafted from pure, natural substances, the incense is of a natural color and completely devoid of any synthetic substances or perfumes.

This incense cover is made from Himalaya natural paper and includes 25-30 incense sticks in one pack.

Size: 8"
Weight: 105 grams approx.
Each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes

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