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Jeweled Green Tara Statue, 13"

Jeweled Green Tara Statue, 13"

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The Hand-Carved Gold Plated Green Tara Statue is a testament to the virtuosity of skilled artisans. Every curve, every contour, and every detail is meticulously carved, reflecting an unparalleled commitment to perfection. The statue's copper alloy composition serves as a canvas for the artisans to breathe life into Green Tara's form, and the hand-carved gold plating finish bestows a touch of opulence that elevates it to a realm of unparalleled splendor.

Discover the embodiment of elegance with our Jeweled Green Tara Statue. This exquisite masterpiece is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating each detail. Every curve, every jewel, and every color on this Green Tara Statue has been painstakingly designed to reflect timeless beauty. Each handcrafted feature tells a story of devotion, making it an exceptional addition to your sacred space.

Material: Copper 
Face: Gold Painted
Making Process: Lost-Wax System

Protecting the Face
As the face is painted it is highly recommended that the face of the statue is to be greatly taken care of as it requires a very professional and skilled face artist to repair the face of dirt and damages. Commonly to protect it from damage the statue with painted face is placed under a glass box and it is always covered with a cotton face mask if it has to be moved.

Note: All our statues are handmade. Each piece is unique and it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same. Slight differences may therefore appear in the shapes, proportions, colors and materials used in our descriptions and specification sheets.

Weight: 3.498 kg 
Size: 13"H X 9.5"L X 6"D

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