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Set of 5 Tibetan Incense gift Pack

Set of 5 Tibetan Incense gift Pack

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Immerse yourself in a transcendent journey every morning with our Set of 5 Tibetan Incense Gift Pack. Designed to elevate your morning prayer ritual, this collection of exquisite incense blends combines the power of natural ingredients with centuries-old Tibetan traditions. Each fragrance is carefully crafted to awaken your spirituality and create a serene ambiance that nurtures your soul.

The pack includes five different incenses.
Morning Prayer Incense: Begin your day with an enchanting blend that invigorates your senses and sets a peaceful tone for your morning prayers. The harmonious fusion of aromatic herbs and sacred resins will transport you to a tranquil state, allowing you to connect with your inner self effortlessly.

Juniper Incense: As you ignite the Juniper Incense from our gift pack, feel its ethereal fragrance permeate the air. Let it cleanse your surroundings, dispelling any negative energy and creating a sacred space for healing and rejuvenation. Embrace the purifying properties of Juniper, as it revitalizes your mind, body, and spirit.

Kalachakra Incense: The Kalachakra Incense harmoniously blends fragrant herbs and sacred resins, carrying the essence of the Kalachakra teachings within its aromatic embrace. As you engage with its sacred fragrance, you connect with the timeless wisdom of the Kalachakra, embracing the transformative power it holds.

Sandalwood Incense: Known for its grounding properties, sandalwood calms the mind and nurtures the soul, allowing you to experience deep serenity and peace. Let its gentle aroma transport you to a realm of quiet introspection and self-discovery.

Meditation Incense: specially crafted to enhance your meditation practice. With its calming and centering qualities, this incense blend creates a sacred space for mindfulness and introspection. Let its delicate fragrance guide you on a journey of self-awareness, where inner peace and clarity abound.

Size: 3.5 inches each stick (approx.)
Weight: 105 grams (approx.)
Contain: 14pcs Incense Sticks in each pack

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