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Tibetan Healing Incense Ager 31 in brocade pack

Tibetan Healing Incense Ager 31 in brocade pack

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Ager-31 is a unique incense blend that has been created by an experienced Tibetan Medicinal practitioner, following the principles of Tibetan medicine as laid out in ancient medical texts. This incense contains a blend of three kinds of back aloe wood, various herbal flowers, cloves, saffron, and different kinds of Himalayan herbs, carefully chosen for their therapeutic properties. When burned, Ager-31 releases a fragrant smoke that can help alleviate a range of physical and mental ailments, including joint and muscle stiffness, dry mouth, insomnia, tension, dizziness, hearing troubles, fits (pregnancy pain), flatulence, and all kinds of mental stress.

Ager-31 is not only helpful for physical ailments, but also for achieving mental and emotional balance. Whether used as a smoke or for massage, the aroma of Ager-31 can aid concentration and physical and mental relaxation, making it perfect for use during meditation or times of stress and restlessness. As you breathe in the soothing aroma of this incense, you can feel yourself becoming more centered, focused, and balanced.

Ager-31 contains a variety of Himalayan herbs, each with their own unique therapeutic properties. These herbs have been used for centuries in traditional medicine practices to promote healing and well-being. With Ager-31, you can experience the natural beauty and power of these herbs, and feel their healing effects on your body and mind.

This incense cover is made from Himalaya natural paper and includes 30 incense sticks in one pack.

Size: 8"
Weight: 105 grams approx.
Each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes

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