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Vajrapani Buddhist Statue, 9.5"

Vajrapani Buddhist Statue, 9.5"

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The Vajrapani is a bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism associated with power and protection. He is often depicted holding a vajra (a ritual object that symbolizes the indestructibility of the diamond) and standing in a fierce or wrathful posture. A statue of Vajrapani is often used as a focal point for meditation and worship in Buddhist temples and homes.

Carved with intricate details and finished with a rich patina, this statue is a beautiful addition to any altar or meditation space. The statue depicts Vajrapani in a fierce posture, holding a vajra, symbolizing his role as protector and defender of the Buddhist teachings. The statue is made of copper. The statue can be used as a focal point for meditation and worship, helping to cultivate feelings of strength, courage, and confidence in those who contemplate it. This statue is a perfect piece of art for those interested in Buddhism and for those who want to bring peace and protection in their home.

About this Sculpture
This sculpture is an excellent portrayal of the Vajrapani or Chana Dorje. Skillfully etched from copper combination and somewhat overlaid with 24 karat gold, the sculpture has been finely cut and hand face painted. This model was exclusively high quality in Patan, Nepal by ace craftsman of the Shakya faction who are considered among the best on the planet. These skilled workers are the advanced beneficiaries of a centuries-old practice of making holy craftsmanship for use in sanctuaries and cloisters. The fine metalworking methods have been passed down from one age to another since antiquated times.

Materials: Copper with cold plated
Weight : 2.16 kg approx.
Statue Size: 9.5"H X 7.5"W X 4"D

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