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Masterpiece Wrathful Deity Vajrapani Buddhist Statue 27"

Masterpiece Wrathful Deity Vajrapani Buddhist Statue 27"

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Tibetan Buddhism Protector God Vajrapani in elegant colors with frame and base. Vajrapani is a significant bodhisattva who exemplifies the profound force of the multitude of Buddhas. His name signifies "wielder of the thunderclap" and he safeguards the individuals who walk the Mahayana way, eliminating all internal, external and mystery obstructions from their training. Edified ages back, Vajrapani is said to have manifested as one of Buddha Shakyamuni's essential followers. He is frequently portrayed alongside individual supporters Manjushri (the exemplification of the Buddhas' insight) and Avalokiteshvara. Together these three bodhisattvas include the three elements of Buddha-nature and the three vital elements for illumination. Vajrapani represents furious assurance and inflexible expectation in the unrelenting fight against cynicism.

Signals and Attributes
Vajrapani is portrayed in the fighter's posture, with one leg twisted and the other outstretched. In his right hand, held overtop, he shakes a vajra, addressing his precious stone like inspiration and catalyst to achievement. His left hand holds a tether, with which he ties the evil spirits of fancy. He has three eyes, representing his insight into past, present, and future. He wears a crown enhanced with five human skulls, addressing his change of the five toxins into the five extraordinary insights, as well as his refinement of the five totals. Around his neck is a laurel of snakes, a sign of his viewpoint as defender of the nagas. He is dressed in a tiger-skin, and is encircled by the bursting fire of lifted up insight which consumes every psychotic state.

About this Sculpture
This sculpture is an excellent portrayal of the Vajrapani or Chana Dorje. Skillfully etched from copper combination and somewhat overlaid with 24 karat gold, the sculpture has been finely cut and hand face painted. This model was exclusively high quality in Patan, Nepal by ace craftsman of the Shakya faction who are considered among the best on the planet. These skilled workers are the advanced beneficiaries of a centuries-old practice of making holy craftsmanship for use in sanctuaries and cloisters. The fine metalworking methods have been passed down from one age to another since antiquated times.

Statue Size: 27"H X 18"W X 11"D
Weight : 25 kg approx.

All our statues are handmade. Each piece is unique and it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same. Slight differences may therefore appear in the shapes, proportions, colors and materials used in our descriptions and specification sheets.

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