About us

In mid 2017, after returning from United Kingdom, i had a plan to run a marketplace in Nepal. At that time, online shopping was popular and Credit/debit card transactions, transfers from e-banking and digital wallets are becoming more prevalent, specially in urban areas. My thought was for selling Traditional skills like metal crafts, wood-carving, hemp items, thangka painting mainly Nepalese and Tibetan handmade items to the world. Till date, the skills have been handed down for centuries to coming generation there are skilled craftsmen who can make equally beautiful woodcarvings and intricate statues and indigenously crafted household items.

Nepal has a diverse range of handmade goods available. The most famous handmade products are  carpets, thangka, Buddhist and Hindu statues, Mithila wall art, Nepalese paper, hand knitted woolen products, hand weaved clothing and other hemp-made items etc. Stone and metal figures, silver and gold knickknacks, and mind blowing wood carvings are another exceptional workmanship found in Nepal.

Thus, we three crafts enthusiastic guys decided to run an Artisan Marketplace - Vajracrafts. VajraCrafts is a company that specializes in selling traditional Tibetan and Himalayan spiritual items, such as Buddha statues, prayer flags, and singing bowls. These items are believed to have spiritual and healing properties, and are often used in meditation, prayer, and ritual practices.

Buddha statues are representations of the Buddha, the spiritual teacher who lived in ancient India and is the founder of Buddhism. These statues can come in a variety of forms and sizes, and are traditionally made from materials like bronze, stone, and wood. They are often used as a focal point for meditation and can serve as a reminder of the Buddha's teachings.

Prayer flags are colorful flags that are traditionally found in Tibetan Buddhism. They are made from cloth and are inscribed with prayers, mantras, and other sacred symbols. They are typically hung outside in high places, such as on mountaintops, where the wind can carry the prayers written on them to all beings.

Singing bowls are used in meditation and ritual practices. The bowls are typically made from a mixture of metals, and when struck or played with a mallet, they produce a soothing, melodic sound that is believed to promote relaxation and tranquility. Singing bowls are used in meditation, yoga and also to play at spiritual ceremony.

Vajracrafts likely sources these items from artisans in traditional Tibetan and Himalayan communities, where they are handcrafted using techniques that have been passed down for generations.

Our Mission

Vajracrafts offers fair trade, eco-accommodating, craftsman made, natural items. To offer quality items that advance a way of life of living as one with one another. Large numbers of these items support native individuals who keep up with their antiquated insight and culture in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.