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Handmade Buddhist products

Tibetan ritual items address various parts of the Buddhist religion and conviction framework. Various articles hold various jobs and, are help to recognize Tibetan Buddhism from different types of Buddhism. Regularly, Tibetan Buddhists pass on contributions and gifts to a Buddha in the expectations it will give them best of luck and fortune. The ceremonial articles can help in guaranteeing that this cycle works flawlessly, and that the Buddha hears the gift carrier's desires.

The main Buddhist products are, buddha statues, Tibetan prayer flags, Tibetan prayer wheel, prayer beads mala, Tibetan incense, Gawu or ghau box, Tibetan butter lamp, Tibetan Buddhist right-turning conch shell or Shankha, bell and dorjee, tibetan drum or damaru, nepalese yak wool shawl, hand knitted woolen socks, leg warmers, mittens, gloves etc.

Buddha Statues for Sale

A Buddha statues made in Nepal is world prestige for craftsmanship quality. In this manner, every Buddha statues available to be purchased was handcrafted utilizing the traditional lost wax method. This kind of method has been utilized by the Nepalese Artisans for a long time to make genuine hand carved Buddha Statues. We have wide varieties of Buddha statues and you can get deity that matches your practice method for home, meditation center, your business or personal Buddhist altar.