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Ancient Tibetan Lemon Grass Incense sticks

Ancient Tibetan Lemon Grass Incense sticks

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Ancient Tibetan Lemongrass Organic incense sticks have a very clean, fresh, lemon-like fragrance, which freshens the air and works as a natural room freshener for office and home.

Tibetan Lemongrass Incense Sticks are traditionally hand-rolled from natural Lemon Grass, oils and other ingredients. This refreshing natural incense stimulates and energizes the body and mind and uplifts the soul. This incense can also be burnt as an insect repellent.

The pack of incense tube contains approx. 30 pieces of incenses and small incense burner.

Size: 4.5" long
Weight: 55 Gram
Color: Green
Category: Tibetan Incense
Type: Handmade
Made of: Natural Lemon Grass Substances

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