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Ancient Tibetan Mokchhya (Nirvana) Incense Sticks

Ancient Tibetan Mokchhya (Nirvana) Incense Sticks

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This Ancient Tibetan Mokchhya incense is a special blend of Himalayan aromatic plants that have been used by Buddhist practitioners for hundreds of years to arouse enlightened qualities. It is believed the Nirvana scent is able to invoke peace and awareness for all beings. The Ancient Brand makes it easier to enjoy these Tibetan incense by including an incense holder specific for these larger size sticks. Pure Chakra also offers larger incense holders, perfect for burning Tibetan incense as well. Perfectly safe for the inhalation & environment.

Product specifications:
Pack contains 30 sticks and one incense burner
One stick burns for approximately 45 minutes
Packed in eco- friendly Nepalese Lokta Paper tube
Natural ingredients.
Environment friendly and Safe for inhalation

Size: 4"
Weight: 60 grams

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