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Artistic Turquoise Inlaid Buddha Head Statue

Artistic Turquoise Inlaid Buddha Head Statue

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This is Turquoise inlaid wooden buddha head statue. An antique completion makes this Buddha head design enlivening and motivating and lapis and coral stone at neck makes it stunning looks. The Buddha's head takes after a youthful and enchanting Buddha that transmits tranquility and levelheadedness in reflective quietness. He is continually grinning portraying everlasting bliss for the Buddha has outperformed the sufferings of the world or potentially having it in the living space will conjure tranquil and amicable energy into the environment to assist with serenity.

For the most part, the Buddha head sculptures are portrayed with a projecting head, which represents the separation between the brain and body. Buddha's heads are known to have another projection, on the highest point of the Buddha's head, known as Ushnisha, which is a three layered oval at the top. The Ushnisha addresses the achievement of the Buddha's illuminate and his dependence on the profound aide, however the first capacity of the Ushnisha might have been addressed as a crown on a Buddha's head.

Buddha Head Statues of the Buddha put all through your home, office or nursery can be an amazing suggestion to continue on in our own training.

Note: Being the Hand carved product , there might be some minor variation in the product, which is art and imagination of artist and makes every product unique.

Material: Turquoise & Wood
Weight: 8.69 Kg
Size: 20" L X 11" B X 11" H
Made In: Nepal

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