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Buddhist Wind Horse Prayer Flags handmade in Nepal

Buddhist Wind Horse Prayer Flags handmade in Nepal

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In history, Bon customs in pre-Buddhist Tibet when Bonpo priests involved printed flags in healing ceremonies. It consists of five different colors, each color represents a primary element: earth (yellow), fire (red), space (blue), water (green), and air (white). Wind horse or Lungta is a good luck in tibetan Buddhism, in these flags wind horse is printed at center and tibetan mantras at four corner. Tibetan prayer flags are great for indoor and outdoor home garden decorations and altar accessories. These prayer flags have 10 sheets of Teri cotton flags in each roll and the packet contains 5 rolls with altogether 50 prayer flags.

Each of the flag measures 4" by 4"
Weight: 45 grams approx.
The package contains 50 prayer flags

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