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Copper Oxidized Rahula Statue with Bow and Arrow 10.5"

Copper Oxidized Rahula Statue with Bow and Arrow 10.5"

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Copper oxidized Rahula Statue is the Buddhist protector deity known as a Dharmapala. As a result, he has been given the mandate to protect the Dharma and Dharma practitioners from all obstacles to their spiritual realization. Specifically, he is there to protect those who have vowed to discover and then destroy their moral weaknesses. Indeed, Rahula is the most fearsome and powerful of these warrior defenders. However, his fearsome form belies the fact that he is a Bodhisattva and his strength is based in unwavering compassion for all beings.

The head of Rahula is the lowest one which is depicted on the stomach of the statue's torso. Additionally, the nine heads above his are representations of the nine planets which he has swallowed or "eclipsed". Indeed, the Buddhist embodiment of Rahula is based on the Indian deity (also named Rahula) who eclipsed the sun, moon and all of the planets.

Furthermore, this Rahula statue is depicted with four arms, two of which are holding a drawn bow and arrow. The drawn bow with arrow symbolizes the ability of insight wisdom to pierce and destroy the causes of vow breaking. Additionally, on the crown of Rahula is depicted the head of a raven. The raven is the symbol of omniscience and wisdom. The other heads wear the crown adorned with the five skulls that symbolize the five aggregates and their transmutation into the wisdom of emptiness.

All our statues are handmade. Each piece is unique and it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same. Slight differences may therefore appear in the shapes, proportions, colors and materials used in our descriptions and specification sheets.

Weight: 2.2 kg or 4.85 lbs
Size: 10.5"

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