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DRUK YUL Incense Sticks

DRUK YUL Incense Sticks

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All natural ingredients and herbs are used to make this Bhutanese DRUK YUL incense sticks.

The smell of natural Bhutanese incense Druk Yul is natural, unobtrusive, very pleasant. It is enough to light the tip, extinguish it after a couple of minutes and ventilate the room a little. The smoke of high-quality sticks cleanses the house of unpleasant odors and creates a special meditative aura in it. The incense is made using the traditional method, according to the recipe contained in the ancient text. Druk Yul meditative incense is a mixture of various natural Himalayan plants. Inhaling their aroma helps to concentrate, brings peace and a healthy life.

Product specifications:
Pack contains 30 sticks and one incense burner
One stick burns for approximately 45 minutes
Packed in eco- friendly Nepalese Lokta Paper tube
Natural ingredients.
Environment friendly and Safe for inhalation

Size: 8"
Weight: 60 grams

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