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Eight Auspicious Symbols Tibetan Prayer Flags

Eight Auspicious Symbols Tibetan Prayer Flags

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These prayer flags are strung on high quality cotton and have the Tibetan Buddhist eight auspicious symbols with description. Generally, prayer flags are are actually different colorful cotton squares clothes with 8 auspicious symbols are printed on it. Each color of the flag symbolizes an element and symbols cum its name. The Eight Auspicious symbol are:
The Precious Parasol.
The White Conch Shell.
The Two Golden Fish.
The Knot of Eternity.
The Vase of Great Treasures.
The Victory Banner.
The Lotus Flower.
The Eight Spoked Wheel.

Each Of the flag measures 9" by 8.5"

Weight: 60 grams

The package contains 8 prayer flags

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