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Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls from Nepal, hand crafted bowls 10" -Enhance Your Meditation and Relaxation

Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls from Nepal, hand crafted bowls 10" -Enhance Your Meditation and Relaxation

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Are you looking for a powerful tool to enhance your meditation or relaxation practice? Look no further than our Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls from Nepal! These hand-crafted bowls are made by skilled artisans using traditional techniques passed down through generations.

● Handmade in Nepal
● Made from high-quality metals including copper, brass, and tin
● Each bowl is unique and varies in size and design
● Produces a rich, resonant sound that is perfect for meditation and relaxation

● Promotes relaxation and stress relief
● Enhances meditation practice
● Helps improve focus and concentration
● Creates a peaceful and calming environment
● Encourages deep healing and self-discovery
● Experience the Benefits:

Imagine sinking into a state of deep relaxation as the rich, resonant sound of the Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowl washes over you. Feel the stress and tension of the day melt away as you focus on the beautiful and soothing sound.

Our Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls are not only beautiful to look at but also create a peaceful and calming environment, promoting deep healing and self-discovery.

Each bowl is unique, and the design and size may vary, making each one a special addition to your meditation or relaxation practice.

Social Proof:
Don't just take our word for it. Our customers rave about the transformative power of our Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls. "The sound of the singing bowl is exquisite and truly transports me to a different place. I love it!" says one satisfied customer.

Experience the powerful benefits of our Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls for yourself. Order now and discover the transformative power of these beautiful hand-crafted bowls.

Order Your Full Moon Tibetan Singing Bowls Today!

These Full Moon singing bowls are handmade on a Full Moon evening by upgrading the unpretentious moon energy for healing vibrations. The main purposes of these bowl are meditation for healing and relaxation sound therapy and also used as ritual offerings to gods and deities. These bowls are selected cautiously by sound testing to guarantee their recuperating properties. These select recuperating works of art are painstakingly made for durable and strong sounds. Traditionally, the bowls were made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the seven planets. 

Gold = the sun
Silver = the moon
Mercury = Mercury
Copper = Venus
Iron = Mars
Tin = Jupiter
Lead = Saturn

This full moon singing bowl comes with a drumstick, wooden mallet and ring cushion.

Size: 10" diameter X 4.5" Height
Weight: 450 grams approx.
Ring Cushion: 4.1" diameter
Mallet: 6"
Drumstick: 10"

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