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Guru Rinpoche Himalayan Incense Sticks

Guru Rinpoche Himalayan Incense Sticks

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Our Guru Rinpoche Himalayan Incense Sticks serve as a conduit to the profound teachings of this revered master. Handcrafted with meticulous care, each stick represents a pathway to enlightenment. As the incense burns, visualize Guru Rinpoche's wisdom infusing your being, illuminating your path and dissolving obstacles on your spiritual journey.

Allow the fragrance to transport you to the Himalayan mountains, where Guru Rinpoche's teachings were first shared. Let his profound insights and spiritual guidance resonate within you, inspiring you to embrace compassion, wisdom, and a deeper understanding of the nature of reality. The scent of the incense becomes a reminder of the transformative power of his teachings.

Size: 7.5 inches each stick (approx.)
Weight: 145 grams (approx.)
Contain: 25 pcs Incense Stick

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