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Kalachakra Mantra Wall Hanging with Eight Auspicious Symbols

Kalachakra Mantra Wall Hanging with Eight Auspicious Symbols

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This is Vintage looks Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra Mandala with Eight Auspicious symbols. At top center Garuda statue is embossed and dragon protection in both side of Kalachakra Wall Hanging Décor Ornate Etched. This Kalachakra is handmade by our artisan in patan.

Kalachakra alludes to one of tantric Buddhism's most intricate methods of reasoning and reflection rehearses. Kalachakra is a Sanskrit expression that means "Time wheel." The Kalachakra Mandala is a huge castle with five particular levels. Everything about the mandala, from every god to each building embellishment, implies time and the universe (Outer Kalachakra) or physical and mental perspectives (Inner Kalachakra) just as the practice.

Materials: Copper
Size: 12.5" H X 10.5" B

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