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Nado Happiness Incense

Nado Happiness Incense

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This Nado Happiness incense stick is handmade from precious medicinal herbs found in the Himalayas such as sausarea lappa, nardostachys jatamansi, safflower, saffron, and red and white sandalwood with no chemical additives, no artificial colors, and no artificial scents added. It is prepared based on the formula prescribes 1000 years ago by Buddhist Yogis and Masters to give ancient sacred fragrances. This incense is generally used for prayers while it is also for enhancing concentration, boosting meditation, and fostering wellbeing. This incense is non-toxic, non-addictive, and non-pollutant.

"Nado Happiness incense" is made by the famous Bhutanese factory "Nado Poizokhang" - one of the leading incense makers in Bhutan.

This incense cover is made from Himalaya natural bamboo and includes 30 incense sticks in one pack. Try to store in moisture-free place
Burn time one hour approx.

Size: 8"
Weight: 205 grams approx.

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