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Natural Bodhi Beads Prayer Mala 9mm- Meditation Mala

Natural Bodhi Beads Prayer Mala 9mm- Meditation Mala

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Experience inner harmony and elegance with the Natural Bodhi Beads Prayer Mala. Bodhi beads have a deep-rooted significance in Buddhist traditions, symbolizing enlightenment and awakening. When you use this Natural Bodhi Beads Prayer Mala, you carry a piece of this profound history with you. It's not just a meditation tool; it's a reminder of your path towards spiritual growth and self-awareness.

Bodhi beads blends seamlessly with your personal style, making it an accessory you can wear daily. Whether at a meditation session or as a fashionable piece, this Mala enhances your presence and inner peace. Holding this Mala in your hand, you'll embark on a journey of mindfulness and self-discovery, one bead at a time.

These Bodhi seeds are phoenix-eyed. Phoenix-eye beads are becoming exceptionally rare and expensive since many of the Nepalese groves

Material: Bodhi seeds
No. of Beads: 108
Size of Beads: 9mm beads Approx.
Bodhi seed guru-bead at knot

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