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Om mane peme hum embossed High-Quality Tingsha 2.5"

Om mane peme hum embossed High-Quality Tingsha 2.5"

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"High-Quality Tingsha 2.5" with Om Mane Peme Hum Embossing - Elevate Your Meditation Practice"


Introducing our high-quality Tingsha 2.5" with Om Mane Peme Hum Embossing, a perfect addition to your meditation practice. These Tibetan cymbals are made with precision and care, producing a beautiful and resonant sound that is perfect for meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices.

The Tingsha features the sacred mantra of Om Mane Peme Hum embossed on the surface. This mantra is one of the most widely used and revered mantras in Tibetan Buddhism, believed to represent the compassion and wisdom of all the Buddhas. The sound of the Tingsha is believed to purify the environment, clear the mind, and promote a sense of inner peace and harmony.

Crafted from high-quality metal alloys, these Tingshas are durable and long-lasting. The clear and bright sound produced by the Tingsha is a result of the perfect balance of metal alloys and precise craftsmanship. The Tingsha comes with a beautiful carrying pouch that allows you to easily store and transport them wherever you go.

The Tingsha is a versatile and essential tool for meditation and yoga practitioners. Whether you use them to mark the beginning or end of a meditation session, or to clear negative energies in your environment, these Tingshas are sure to enhance your spiritual practice and elevate your mindfulness.

Our High-Quality Tingsha 2.5" with Om Mane Peme Hum Embossing is not only a tool for spiritual practice, but also a beautiful piece of art that represents the rich culture and tradition of Tibet. It also makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone interested in spirituality and mindfulness.

Shop now and experience the beauty and power of the Tingsha with Om Mane Peme Hum Embossing. Elevate your meditation practice, promote inner peace and harmony, and connect with the rich spiritual traditions of Tibet with these exquisite Tingshas.

Fine tuned  tingshas are very popular now a days for sound therapy, meditation. These tingshas are made from brass metal and Om Mani Padme Hum mantra embossed on it. These are also known as cymbals. 

Tingshas are two metal small tingshas joined by leather strap.

Materials: Brass
Size: 2.2"
Weight: 250 grams approx.

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