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Om Mani Padme Hoong Incense in brocade pack

Om Mani Padme Hoong Incense in brocade pack

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OM MANI PADME HOONG incense Contains the famous six superlative non-toxic ingredients and very natural scented substances such as white sandal and Myristica fragrance etc. that protect and purify the physical organ and innervate energies, clean the chakras and channels and especially balance the mind and promote the meditation and spiritual development. The incense is made form pure natural substances and has a natural color. It is free from any synthetic substances and perfumes.

Each pack of OM MANI PADME HOONG incense includes 25-30 sticks that burn for approximately 60 minutes each. The Himalayan natural paper cover is an eco-friendly way to protect and store your incense. Light a stick and let the natural fragrance help you relax and meditate.

Size: 8"
Weight: 105 grams approx.
Each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes

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