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Patchouli Rope Incense - Set of 6

Patchouli Rope Incense - Set of 6

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Our Patchouli Rope Incense are traditional form of incense used in Tibet and Nepal which is pure handmade ropes infused with Patchouli. Patchouli produces a strong, sweet, and spicy scent. When the world seems chaotic, patchouli helps to improve your mood and take focus away from the chaos and back to what's important. Rope incense provide a fun and unique way to enjoy incense burning.

Burning incense is a significant custom in all significant Buddhist practices, yet the reason and imagery of incense are marginally unique for every custom. In Buddhism, incense goes about as a offering to Buddhas. It helps to purify the atmosphere, people use to cleanse their souls, houses and worship room. Perfectly safe for the inhalation & environment.

Product specifications:
Pack contains 45 sticks
One rope stick burns for approximately 30 minutes
Packed in eco- friendly Nepalese Lokta Paper
Environment friendly and Safe for inhalation
Uses: Improve mood, calm the mind
Scent: Patchouli
Origin: Handmade in Nepal

Size: 3.5"
Weight: 160 grams

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