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Potala Design Tibetan Incense Burner

Potala Design Tibetan Incense Burner

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The rustic detailing Potala Palace design, beautiful Tibetan Incense burner with eight Auspicious symbols on both side with stripe design on the base. At the top, a male and female deer sitting at both sides of the Jeweled Gajura along with four birds at four corners. This incense burner is all hand crafted with tribal shaped amazing detail with lid which has a open space to release smoke.

There is zigzag metal sheet inside the burner, the purpose of the sheet is for collecting ashes and easy to clean. You also put powder incense on it. This incense holder boxes are trending as home Décor these days and are in a lot of demand with style.

8 auspicious symbols represent good fortune in tibetan Buddhist rituals items.

Material: Copper
Size: 12" L X 5" H X 2.5" B
Weight: 0.800 kg

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