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Potala Design Tibetan Prayer Wheel

Potala Design Tibetan Prayer Wheel

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Om mane peme hum embossed in ranjana lipi Copper Prayer Wheel in a beautiful Tibetan Potala Palace Design frame. There are three lines of Om Mani mantra with coral gemstone in between. The top cover of the frame has four buddha statues and stupa at center. Eight auspicious symbols on both side of the metal frame made this prayer wheel very authentic. Various Tibetan signs through out the frame along with incense holder at base.

In this prayer wheel, the roll of sacred Buddhist mantras kept inside and its contains scrolls printed with hundreds of mantras in succession. When you spin it clockwise with devotion and compassion to send your deepest intentions into the universe.

8 auspicious symbols represent good fortune in tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel.

Material: Copper
Size: 9.5" H X 8"B X 4" D
Weight: 1 kg approx.

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