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Pure Sandalwood Incense in brocade pack

Pure Sandalwood Incense in brocade pack

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This incense is made with authentic white sandalwood sourced from South India, known for its unparalleled quality and fragrance. The calming and grounding scent of sandalwood has been used in incense for centuries, and can help clear the mind and alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression. Light a stick of this pure sandalwood incense and experience the tranquil aroma, filling your space with peace and serenity.

In addition to sandalwood, this incense contains a blend of Himalayan herbs known for their therapeutic properties. These herbs work in synergy with sandalwood to promote mental clarity and balance, helping to reduce stress and increase focus. As you breathe in the fragrant smoke of this incense, you'll feel a sense of harmony and balance throughout your body and mind.

This incense cover is made from Himalaya natural paper and includes 30 incense sticks in one pack.

Size: 8"
Weight: 105 grams approx.
Each stick burns for approximately 60 minutes

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