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Samye Incense - Tibetan Herbal Incense

Samye Incense - Tibetan Herbal Incense

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This is a Samye Incense - Tibetan Herbal Incense Sticks are a natural and holistic way to improve your overall health and well-being. This incense is a blend of six excellent medicinal ingredients, five aromatic herbs and Rinchen Nge Nga(five precious Gems) apart from other medicinal plants. The fragrance and composition of Herbal Incense is so rice and exclusive and it is always used for Choed-pa or offering to the Buddha and Guardian deities of the ten directions of purity negative karma and protect the spirit from harm and ultimately helps to bring you good luck, peace and harmony.

Samye Incense:
Purifies the air and removes negative energy
Improves mood and reduces stress
Promotes relaxation and sleep
Relieves headaches and migraines
Eases respiratory problems
Boosts the immune system
Creates a peaceful and sacred atmosphere

Size: 9"
Weight: 80 grams approx.
Number of sticks: 30 sticks

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