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Set of 7 Tibetan Seven Chakra Incense Sticks collection

Set of 7 Tibetan Seven Chakra Incense Sticks collection

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This is set of seven Tibetan 7 Chakra Incense is comprised of a unique incense blend corresponding to each chakra. Chakras refer to the energy centers of our bodies, and this incense set is said to help stimulate and balance these chakras. According to the Yogic science, Chakra balance is very important for physical, mental and emotional health. When chakras become out of balance, a variety of problems can occur. This incense set is made from natural ingredients and manufactured according to traditional Tibetan medical prescriptions. Each scent is said to help balance and heal its corresponding chakra.

Characteristics of 7 Chakra Incense
Chakra 1 (Root Chakra) : Fragrance that provides stability and safety.
Chakra 2 (Pelvic chakra) : Fragrance that stimulates creativity and emotions.
Chakra 3 (Sun Chakra) : Fragrance that increases confidence and willpower.
Chakra 4 (Heart Chakra) : Fragrance that promotes love and connection.
Chakra 5 (Throat chakra) : Fragrance that helps communication and self-expression.
Chakra 6 (Third Eye Chakra) : Fragrance that enhances intuition and insight.
Chakra 7 (Crown chakra) : Incense that supports spiritual awakening and integration.

Product specifications:
Per pack contains 21 sticks and one incense burner
One stick burns for approximately 45 minutes
Packed in eco- friendly Nepalese Lokta Paper box
Natural ingredients.
Environment friendly and Safe for inhalation

Size: 6"
Weight: 290 grams

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