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Shakyamuni Buddha Statue with partly Gold Plated 13"

Shakyamuni Buddha Statue with partly Gold Plated 13"

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This is 13 Inch tall Copper Shakyamuni Buddha statue, hand made in Patan, Nepal. Buddhist statues speak with hand and body motions. Shakyamuni's right hand comes to down to contact the earth(Bhumisparsha). This gesture addresses the moment when he called the earth to observe his amazing quality of the realm of Mara, the Supreme God of the world (samsara), who had attempted to occupy him from his contemplation. Accordingly, the earth shuddered and shook to recognize Shakyamuni's achievement of Buddhahood. Shakyamuni's left hand rests in his lap in the token of contemplation, and holds his donations bowl.

This Statue is gold painted on face, body. The carving made this statue as masterpiece among many Shakyamuni Buddha Statues. The fine carving on front and back.

Material: Copper Partial Gold Plated
Face: Gold Painted

Protecting the Face
As the face is painted it is highly recommended that the face of the statue is to be greatly taken care of as it requires a very professional and skilled face artist to repair the face of dirt and damages. Commonly to protect it from damage the statue with painted face is placed under a glass box and it is always covered with a cotton face mask if it has to be moved.

Weight: 4 kg 4.40 lbs
Size: 13"

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