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Tibetan Om Mane peme hum Prayer Wheel

Tibetan Om Mane peme hum Prayer Wheel

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Om Mane Pad mei hum mantra at center of tibetan prayer wheel in wooden frame. This prayer wheel could be hang it on wall or sit in flat surface. Coral gem stone at top in this prayer wheel and Om mane padme hum mantra is in circle with rustic copper look.

Normally, in the prayer wheel, the roll of sacred Buddhist mantras kept inside and its contains scrolls printed with hundreds of mantras in succession. When you spin it clockwise with devotion and compassion to send your deepest intentions into the universe.

The prayer wheel is handcrafted by Nepalese Artisan in Patan. It comes with wooden frame and metal hook on top, so it can be placed on wall, however wooden frame can also be displayed on tabletops

Material: Copper, Wood
Size: 7.5" H X 7.5" B X 4.2" D
Weight: 600 grams approx.

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