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Tribute to Chenrezig Himalayan Incense Sticks

Tribute to Chenrezig Himalayan Incense Sticks

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Chenrezig, also known as Avalokiteshvara, is one of the most revered bodhisattvas in Mahayana Buddhism. As the embodiment of boundless compassion, Chenrezig manifests as a beacon of love and guidance for all beings. Depicted with multiple arms and eyes, he represents the ability to reach out and assist countless individuals simultaneously. Devotees turn to Chenrezig for blessings, mercy, and the awakening of their own compassionate nature.

Compassion lies at the core of Chenrezig's teachings and symbolism. He exemplifies the practice of selflessness, empathy, and the alleviation of suffering. Chenrezig's compassionate nature extends to all beings, transcending boundaries of religion, culture, and belief systems. By embracing Chenrezig's teachings, individuals are inspired to cultivate kindness, understanding, and love in their own lives, fostering a harmonious and compassionate world.

Ingredients: Cardamom, Cloves, White and Red Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Saffron, Cinnamon & some precious medicine herbs.

Size: 4 inches each stick (approx.)
Weight: 40 grams (approx.)
Contain: 30 pcs Incense Stick

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