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  • Wooden Peacock Wall Hanging, Traditional Handcrafted frame WoodCraftsNepal
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Wooden Peacock Wall Hanging, Traditional Handcrafted frame

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This is a hand carved magnificent piece of art carved by one of our most proficient wood carvers of Nepal. This is a replica inspired from the original peacock window of Bhaktapur with some minor modifications to suite for home décor piece.

The peacock window has a beautiful peacock in the center of the window with barred feathers of peacock to allow the light to pass through, surrounded by the braided serpents. The upper part Toran (wooden arch gateway) is ornately carved with Buddha in the center surrounded by peacock in the center and Cheppu and Hittimanga in the border.

This is a Purely handmade and unique, this art-piece for your room or office certainly grasps all the attention of viewers in a glance and enhance the aesthetics of the room.

Material: High Quality Wood
Pattern: Hand Work
Style: Traditional

Design: Window style
Weight: 6.8kg
Size: 56" X 41" X 3" or 144cm H X 105cm B X 8cm W
Origin: Hand carved in Nepal