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Masterpiece Buddhist White Tara Wooden statue collections

Masterpiece Buddhist White Tara Wooden statue collections

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A masterpiece statue of White Tara in sitting posture at center and ten small white tara statues and top and bottom. On both side, the statue of Padmapani Lokeshwor and Cheppu just above the statue. This statue is hand carved by one of our most proficient carvers of Patan. The statue is carved with utter precision by comprising each and every minute details.

The White Tara has an extra eye on her forehead, palm and feet hence she is also regarded as Saptalochana symbolizing 7 eyes. She has lotus flower on the left shoulder and is seated in full Vajra posture along with right hand on boon conferring posture, her left hand in teaching gesture holding the stem of the lotus.

All our statues are handmade. Each piece is unique and it is impossible to reproduce exactly the same. Slight differences may therefore appear in the shapes, proportions, colors and materials used in our descriptions and specification sheets.

Material: Wood
Weight: 3.5 kg
Size: 50cm H X 29cm B X 12cm W

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